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Poslovna inteligencija

Poslovna inteligencija offers a comprehensive privacy solution for effective personal data management.

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G2K – Parsifal AI Platform

G2K bridge the gap between isolated raw data and true Business Value through AI.

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Vidar Vehicle Tracker

The Vidar Vehicle Tracker is powered by Sabertek technology.

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Social Sentiment Tool

Our Social Sentiment Tool interprets data through a clear dashboard to translate all the noise from social media.

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The only integrated workplace management system that elevates the employee experience.

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Tyrrell Products

Tyrrell Products create and build the best hardware and software for the IoT and building automation world.

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Ergosense Sensy App

The Ergosense Sensy App provides facility booking and engagement functionality for the workplace.

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ALIS Tech – UWB Social Distancing

ALIS Tech offers UWB Social Distancing Wrist Tags.

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Integrit Sales Web Portal

The Integrit Sales Web Portal is a complete sales platform, allowing users to interact with sales resources, and more.

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DIRO technology captures original documents online, giving Internet authentication of any private data.

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Everyangle offers an all-in-one Smart Camera Solution for Retail and beyond.

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KYND's cyber risk management technology helps every organisation tackle the reality of the cyber risks they face.

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Safectory offers a dedicated solution to track and trace close encounters.

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Integrit App

Integrit is a scalable mobile platform that redefines engagement.

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floLIVE provides global, secure, cloud-native IoT connectivity solutions.

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ALIS Tech offers elements across safety and optimisation for your business.

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WiCis Health

WiCis are a US based Telehealth and Telemedicine Monitoring Solution provider.

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Pointgrab is a leader in smart sensing technologies for smart building.

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LoveYourAsset is an asset health monitoring tool, powered by BPD Zenith.

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Ergosense are a provider of smart sensor solutions designed for the workplace.

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Sabertek is a state of the art Electronic design and manufacturing facility.

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Secufy is a modular and scalable location aware SOS alerting solution.

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Zimperium are a leading provider of Threat Defense and Cyber Security for mobile devices.

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The vTrack, from Versa Design, is a high-end industrial-grade tracking device.

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Faculty is at the frontier of AI research and development.

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Thingstream is a connectivity solution for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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