Ombori Grid
Occupancy Control

Control and monitor occupancy in real-time


Ombori Grid Occupancy Control

Control and monitor occupancy in real-time

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How does Occupancy Control work?

Occupancy control gives you real-time monitoring of the number of people entering and leaving a building, or areas within a building, using automated sensors. When the occupancy threshold is reached, it can deny access to additional visitors until there is capacity to serve them.

With the current rules and restrictions, businesses and workplaces are having to govern the number of customers or visitors who can be on the premises. This solution ensures that you are following the current regulations at all times e.g. for insurance purposes, fire codes, or a range of other reasons.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Customers and visitors do not like waiting in a queue. By clearly communicating the occupancy status of the premise you can reduce frustration and increase customer satisfaction.

Accurate real-time and historical data on occupancy allows you to understand who is coming to your premises and when. You can then adjust business practices as necessary to predict and respond to peaks and troughs in demand.

Featured Video: Occupancy Control and Automatic People Counting

Watch this video to see the Ombori Grid occupancy control and automatic people counting in action.

Contact us if you are interested in finding out more.

Key Customer Challenges

  • Safeguarding customers when occupancy restrictions are in place
  • Looking to monitor occupancy within your building
  • Enhancing the customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction

Solution Features

  • Grid ecosystem
  • Standard hardware and software
  • Real-time occupancy monitoring
  • GDPR compliant
  • Data export
  • Set occupancy levels
  • Occupancy triggers
  • Remote health checks
  • Multi-entrance support
  • Multi-site support
  • Site specific settings
  • Traffic light indicators
  • Cloud-based
  • Digital twin

Solution Benefits

  • Regulatory compliance allows you to verify that you are following occupancy regulations at all times
  • Perceived safety by demonstrating to customers and visitors that you are following occupancy regulations, reassuring them that you are taking their health and safety seriously
  • Giving customers and visitors clear and accurate information about occupancy and expected wait times to improve the customer experience and reduce frustration
  • Accurate real-time data on occupancy allows you to adjust staffing levels to meet actual demand
  • Reduced queues by combining clear customer information and real-time staff management
  • Build up historical occupancy data to identify underlying trends and patterns in customer/visitor behaviour

*These solutions normally require a combination of the following; Digital Signage, 3D People Counting Sensor, Ticket Kiosk and/or Automated Gates.

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