Enterprise Intelligence Platform



Enterprise Intelligence Platform

Channel Partnerships is an alliance between Channel Tools and some of the worlds leading technology sales channels.

What is the Craft Enterprise Intelligence Platform?

Craft is a unique data platform that powers enterprise intelligence with built in distribution. The platform captures and organises hard-to-find company data across thousands of digital data sources through time. This allows you to make data-informed decisions about companies in your enterprise ecosystem.

Company insights can be accessed via powerful API, a secure online portal or your enterprise applications for seamless delivery into your enterprise workflows. The Craft platform delivers data, analytics, customisable dashboards, alerts, benchmarks and trends, as well as team collaboration features.

Make Data-Informed Decisions

Craft helps everyone in the enterprise make data-informed decisions from supply chain monitoring to de-risk and optimise your supply chain, to market intelligence to track changes across the entire digital footprint of public or private companies and structured company data to arm your data scientists with lean data for modelling, and more.

Get in touch to find out more about the Craft Enterprise Intelligence Platform.

Case Study: US Government Security Partner

US Government security partner protects its supply chain with Craft data analytics.

When a multi-service agency that helps preserve the advantage of key US security organisations from commercial and economic risks wanted to harden and protect its supply chain, it turned to Craft.

US Government department decision-makers needed access to the best possible intelligence and information around potential geostrategic risks that present challenges to Department of Defense (DoD) equities, and threaten US interests and national security. Contact us for your copy of the case study.

Key Customer Challenges

  • Lack of advanced visibility
  • Lack of key risk signals
  • Incomplete, inaccurate or unreliable data
  • Disconnect between internal and external data
  • Data silos
  • Time used for due diligence

Solution Features

  • Craft Intelligence Portal
  • Craft API
  • Delivered via seamless integrations into enterprise applications including Coupa, Salesforce, SAP, Sharepoint, and Tableau
  • Track and analyse 300+ Datatypes
  • Dedicated, secure and customisable portal
  • Solutions for Supply Chain, Risk and Compliance Management, Market Intelligence, Sales Intelligence
  • Talent and people analytics
  • Data informed decision making focused on digital transformation and innovation

Solution Benefits

  • Real-time data, analytics, in-depth insights
  • Alerts, benchmarking, trends
  • Flexible delivery options (API, Craft Intelligence Portal, enterprise applications integration and custom deployment)
  • Unlimited users’ model available
  • Structured Data
  • Competitive Intelligence

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