Cyber Risk

Manage your Cyber Risk with KYND


Cyber Risk Management

Manage your Cyber Risk with KYND

Channel Partnerships is an alliance between Channel Tools and some of the worlds leading technology sales channels.

Non-invasive Cyber Risk Management

Cyber risk management is incredibly important for businesses of any size to stop them being affected by cyber risk.

We can offer the KYND tool to allow clients to detect risks straight away, alerting you of what has been found and advising you on how to fix them through a clear and easy to follow dashboard.

By using this technology, you are able to help your business, clients and any other organisations you do business with manage cyber risks.

Why do we need Cyber Risk Management?

If your business is unprepared for a cyber-attack, it could have detrimental effects such as data loss, financial impact, negative brand perception and even damage employee morale. By implementing a risk management strategy within your organisation, you are able to mitigate the risks specific to your business and reduce cyber-attack threats. The increased level of cyber security within the business makes it worthwhile.

A cyber risk assessment from KYND will assess and establish the likelihood of any cyber-attacks that your business is currently vulnerable to.

What can we do for you?

Let us help you manage your cyber risk and prevent attacks to ensure you are not vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

Using this technology will allow you to mitigate cyber risks and prevent attacks, reduce costs and protect revenue and increase your business reputation.

Find out more about the benefits for using KYND below and contact us to request a demo.

Featured Video: KYND – Cyber Risk Management

KYND makes cyber risks simple to understand, quick to monitor and easy to prevent. With a simple product that speaks your language, KYND’s pioneering technology will keep your business safe.

Clear & Easy to follow

You do not need to be an IT guru to understand cyber risk. This technology keeps everything simple and speaks your language with no complex technical jargon.


The only information we require is your website name, nothing more. This makes the process super easy to use and completely non-invasive.

Instant Results

Cyber risks are revealed instantly, with advice on how to fix them. We also know that new threats can appear at any time and therefore KYND will regularly scan your cyber risks and alert you immediately.


Choose from four different plans that best suit your business, all at an affordable monthly cost.

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