OpenGate IIoT Platform



OpenGate IIoT Platform

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What is OpenGate?

OpenGate is a very powerful and complete solution for the management of the entire infrastructure of any M2M or IoT solution that relies on business processes. The OpenGate Framework has all amplia))) features available to build your custom IIoT solution and manage the underlying IoT infrastructure. It is a powerful, secure and scalable IoT Platform that allows you to obtain general status and performance of all your devices, machines and other IoT devices worldwide through a central and easy to use administration web console.

The Solution

The two key parts of the solution are the OpenGate device agent and the OpenGate Cloud Platform. The device agent allows for periodical data collection and transmission to optimise network traffic, local data transformation and normalisation, and meeting industrial IoT standards.

OpenGate has a very powerful rules engine with two operation modes: fully assisted by a Graphical Wizard and the power to program your own complex processing rules using JavaScript.

The core horizontal solutions are device management, eSim/Sim management and IoT Lab Hub. The core vertical solutions are asset tracking, industrial HW monitoring and smart grid.

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Featured Use Case: Risk Prevention in Construction

Remote management and monitoring to reduce work accidents and manage assets.

This project aims to reduce work accidents, improve the attention and remote care for operators, as well as automatically manage the rest of assets in the building site to reduce costs in future contracts.

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Key Customer Challenges

  • An organisation has a complex industrial set up and needs to monitor status and performance of machinery all the way through the manufacturing process at scale whilst remaining highly secure
  • Any potential machine failure needs to be identified in real-time. It is not necessarily related to the value of the components but more to the impact on a business through downtime and interruption
  • Solutions can often be complex, difficult to use and require a highly skilled team of people to administer

Solution Features

  • Inventory Management of all elements of the infrastructure
  • Operation status monitoring in real-time of the elements belonging to the IoT Infrastructure
  • Management and device and IoT network remote operation
  • Firmware and configuration updates
  • Alarms processing and management
  • Microservices architecture
  • Multitenancy and Subtenants to adapt to any kind of complex organisations
  • Powerful Web console with customisable views
  • Complete APIs to integrate external applications
  • Business automation rules
  • Remote operation scheduler

Solution Benefits

  • Connectivity and manufacturer agnostic
  • Secure and Highly available
  • Improve your business and reduce costs by monitoring and automation rules
  • Control and operate your devices from a centralised solution with advanced capabilities
  • Microservices Architecture to develop services and elements in a flexible and quick way
  • Use any communication technology, IP-based or not
  • OpenGate applies algorithms to analyse single and collective information
  • Powerful scheduling engine to plan your remote operations
  • Easy to integrate with Legacy systems

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