NFC Asset Tracking and Monitoring Solutions


Smarter Technologies

NFC Asset Tracking and Monitoring Solutions

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The Orion Data Network

Smarter Technologies provide asset tracking, asset monitoring, asset security and asset recovery solutions and at the core of these solutions is their Orion Data Network, an end-to-end IoT Low-Power Radio Network solution. The solution is a radio frequency security and logistics network enabling real-time actionable insight.

The solution is a unique combination of Internet of Things, real-time 24/7 tracking, monitoring and recovery of assets and people. Orion is a next generation connectivity platform with an N+1 backbone infrastructure that engages the M2M marketplace with fully managed end-to-end turnkey solutions.

Orion Asset Tracking and Security Devices

Orion asset tracking and security devices come in a broad range of different shapes, sizes and technical specifications depending on their intended application. Their tracking devices can weigh as little as 28grams and last for several years on a single charge reporting in real-time with a range of up to 10Kms.

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Key Customer Challenges

  • A company wants to monitor its assets including location, security and state
  • Need to reduce operation costs and improve productivity
  • A company wants less maintenance and fewer inspections
  • A company wants a more proactive approach to monitoring its buildings and assets
  • Need a solution that can be deployed globally
  • Need a solution to operate underground

Solution Features

  • Radio frequency network
  • Unique Mobile and SIM-free data transmission that simplifies data communications and reduces your operational and capital expenditure and your carbon footprint
  • A comprehensive, flexible and scalable solution that allows you to choose the services and roll-out that suits your particular requirements and budget
  • Long range site monitoring from 500 meters to 10km+ radius of each Gateway
  • Gateways are available as fixed, mobile and field

Solution Benefits

  • Realise savings by reducing facilities, maintenance and operating costs by up to 75%
  • Low cost and scalable
  • Enables real-time visibility, tracking and analytics increasing your supply chain productivity and efficiency.
  • Orion is the fastest and most cost-effective solution to enable you to track, monitor, recover and report on your fixed and moveable high value assets in real-time, giving you big data intelligence for better-informed business decisions
  • The Orion signal penetrates walls, metal and underground for application in all areas and environments
  • Simple to deploy

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