Ombori Grid
Curbside Pickup

Allow shoppers to collect their purchases with ease


Ombori Grid Curbside Pickup

Allow shoppers to collect their purchases with ease

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What is Curbside Pickup?

Ombori’s Curbside Pickup solution provides an easy way for customers to collect their purchases without entering the store. As many businesses and workplaces are currently operating under restrictive guidelines including the number of customers or visitors allowed on the premises, this solution allows customers to collect their purchases in a safe and easy manner.

By receiving accurate real-time and historical data on curbside purchases, you can begin to understand how customers want to shop and adjust business practices to meet changing customer demand.

The Three Main Components

The system includes three main components: booking, notification, and collection, all of which are fully configurable and customisable.

  • Booking: Users can book a pickup slot via online booking and will receive confirmation on their mobile device or a printed ticket. This confirmation includes the location as well as the time chosen.
  • Notification: Customers will receive a reminder as the appointment time grows near, minimising the on-site wait time. Customers can reschedule their pickup time and they will also be alerted if their pickup needs to be delayed.
  • Collection: On arrival, the customer presents their booking confirmation on their mobile device. Delivery is then marked as complete, ensuring you have an audit of all curbside orders.

Featured Video: Curbside Pickup

Watch this video to see how the Ombori Grid supports Curbside Pickup and contact us to find out more.

Key Customer Challenges

  • Safeguarding customers when occupancy restrictions are in place
  • Enhancing the customer experience for collections and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Reducing the number of collections missed

Solution Features

  • Grid ecosystem
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Real-time pickup monitoring
  • Multi-site support
  • Site specific settings
  • Traffic light indicators to visualise indication of demand in each location
  • Slot configuration to determine the number of pickup slots and the frequency for each location
  • Notifications to alert a customer if their pickup has to be delayed or rescheduled, or the pickup location has to be altered
  • GDPR compliant
  • Digital twin to create a virtual model of customer preferences and performance.

Solution Benefits

  • Rapid deployment
  • Remote management
  • Increased sales by making it more convenient for customers to visit your store instead of others
  • Fewer missed pickups
  • An accurate, real-time log of pickups to ensure that you have a constant audit trail of all completed and outstanding pickups
  • Improved health and safety by reducing the number of shoppers in the store without decreasing sales
  • Great customer communication to improve the customer experience and reduce frustration
  • Accurate real-time data on collections allows you to adjust staffing levels to meet actual demand
  • Receive analytics to identify underlying trends and patterns in customer/visitor behaviour. As well as finding out the most popular times and days you can determine which products customers select for pickup as compared to buying in-store solution

*These solutions normally require a combination of the following; Digital Signage, 3D People Counting Sensor, Ticket Kiosk and/or Automated Gates.

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