Intelligent Data Management



Intelligent Data Management

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What is Intelligent Data Management?

Intelligent Data Management from Komprise allows you to analyse data across all of your storage to know how much you have, the usage and how fast it’s growing. Using the Komprise solution provides you with visibility and analytics into your cloud data helping you to understand growth and to move any old data.

The Komprise Architecture

The Komprise architecture grows on-demand enabling you to handle today’s massive scale of data through intelligent automation. The solution is built without centralised bottlenecks and does not use agents, static stubs, or central servers that limit scalability and present single points of failure. Komprise handles scale-out by simply allowing you to add more virtual appliances as the amount of data managed grows.

Analytics-driven Data Management

Organisations need a simpler way to efficiently manage data sprawl while curbing growing costs. Komprise is an analytics-driven data management software that enables organisations to identify inactive data, assess the ROI of moving old data, and transparently move it to on-premises or cloud targets of your choice.

Unlike legacy data management solutions that are costly, complex, invasive, and hard to scale, Komprise is simple to deploy and operate, seamless to scale, and cost-efficient.

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Datasheet: Why Data Growth is not a Storage Problem

Data growth is skyrocketing. Storage capacity is running out, backups are taking longer, and budgets can’t keep up with the unstructured data deluge. The answer isn’t so much a storage issue as it is how the data in your storage is managed. Because treating all your data as if it’s the same will cost you plenty.

There are three key areas that set Komprise apart, offering a unique data management solution that puts data control where it belongs—with data owners.

Take a look at the Datasheet to find out more.

Key Customer Challenges

  • Unsure what data to move to cheaper NAS or public / private Cloud
  • Making storage decisions in the dark
  • Unplanned storage purchases
  • Unable to determine how their data is being used
  • Legacy tools are too costly, complex and crush performance

Solution Features

  • Distributed, scale-out architecture
  • Storage agnostic and non-intrusive
  • Redundant, transparent hierarchical filesystem
  • Distributed search and analytics
  • Data analysis and interactive ROI visualisation

Solution Benefits

  • Visibility across clouds into data and costs
  • Easy forecasting of cost savings with your data management
  • Simple, automated data lifecycle management
  • Fast cloud-to-cloud data migrations and copy
  • Single, consistent data management across multiple clouds
  • Connects to any storage via NFS, CIFS or S3
  • Resilient, scale-out, stateless architecture
  • Manage data growth and cut 70%+ of costs
  • Analyse your global storage footprint and understand your data
  • Move the data without disruption; no changes to users or application


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