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The Sensors

Tyrrell Sensors cover a wide range of use cases within a building environment including:

  • Fridge Monitoring
  • Power Monitoring
  • Wellbeing
  • Leak Detection
  • Room Monitoring.

All sensor devices link back to a gateway where the data is then pushed back to a powerful Insight Analytics platform to allow you to monitor, manage, be alerted, and report on what is going on in your buildings.

The Smart Gateway

The Smart Gateway is powered by USB and allows you to connect to the full IoT Solution range to monitor everything from fridge temperature to CO2 and toxic environments. The gateway is aesthetically pleasing with a sleek design, meaning it can be on show wherever the application.

Safety and Compliance

Tyrrell Products offer a broad range of sensors including the Leak, Temperature and Humidity Sensor which alerts your building if there is a leak either in a food or drink environment, hotel or factory to ensure safety.

The Multi Temperature and Door Contact State also ensures food safety compliance by monitoring fridge doors, alerting you of an open or close status, and pipe water temperature monitoring for Legionella compliance.

The 2-in-1 Temperature and Humidity Sensor also monitors temperature and humidity, allowing you to keep your building occupants at maximum efficiency and follow compliance rules and regulations for food.

Building Efficiency

The Metered Plug from Tyrrell Products allows you to turn lighting, drinks fridges, vending machines, coffee machines and kitchen equipment on and off at the touch of an app. The plug also allows you to monitor power consumption of appliances within your location.

Monitor areas where volatile or harmful gases may be stored with the CO2 and TVOC Sensor to monitor and combat any gas leaks. By monitoring CO2, you can help improve energy efficiency in buildings and help occupants avoid drowsiness by maintaining a healthy oxygen level within the building.

Contact us to find out more about the sensors available.

Key Customer Challenges

  • Monitoring failures and complaints around a building
  • Reduce operation costs, enhance productivity and improve occupant’s well-being in the workplace
  • Less maintenance and fewer inspections
  • A more proactive approach to monitoring its buildings

Solution Features

  • Analytics, Visualisation and Reporting Service
  • IOT / Wireless Monitoring Self Install
  • Predictive Maintenance in Insight Platform
  • eBMS/ZWave-IoT Applications

Solution Benefits

  • Through the combination of quality sensors and powerful analytics – perfectly detect how failures and complaints in your building can be avoided
  • Continuously monitors comfort, durability and energy use telling you what goes wrong and what will lead to complaints of unnecessary cost
  • Realise savings by reducing facilities, maintenance and operating costs
  • Automate building control through linking to BMS
  • Improve the comfort factor for your staff and visitors
  • Monitor performance with one glance with an out of the box solution
  • Easy to set up

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