semantha® – the Semantic Platform



semantha® – the Semantic Platform

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What is semantha®?

semantha® is artificial intelligence technology from thingsTHINKING. It is an out-of-the-box AI semantic processing of text and data extraction and can read large amounts of text and can find relevant content in seconds.

The solution comes with a number of core applications:

  • Check and Validate Documents
  • Classify and Cluster Documents
  • Semantic Compare
  • Semantic Search

With most use cases one of the supplied User Interfaces is all you need – for example, for a hotspot analysis or a direct comparison of documents.

All analysis from the platform is available via a standardised REST-API interface. This means semantha® can be optimally used for your application and integrated into your process and IT landscape. semantha® can also be used directly with already existing user interfaces.

The User Interfaces

semantha® Analyzer – Search and Find: The semantha® Analyzer can search entire documents for relevant topics (hotspots) which are specified by the user in any desired formulation and highlight all applicable areas in no time, reducing the effort of recurring checks with regards to certain criteria. Contract management, for example, benefits from this approach: The semantic analysis of new contracts by semantha® provides an immediate overview of the relevant contents (e.g. exclusion clauses). In addition, the user can define data points (e.g. a sum insured), on the basis of which semantha® automatically extracts values and makes them available for further processing in various formats.

semantha® Compare – Compare and Check: The comparison modes include the direct comparison of two documents (1:1), the evaluation of one document against any number of documents (1:n) and the comparison of document collections (n:m). The colour scheme in the traffic light system gives a quick overview of identical passages (green), modifications (yellow) and previously unknown passages (red). How freely semantha® may interpret the text passages here is determined by the user by specifying a semantic threshold value.

semantha® Requirement – Efficiency and Quality: semantha® requirements comprises the semantic evaluation and automated classification of new requirements. Previous, already evaluated requirement specifications form the basis for the allocation of unknown requirements to predefined criteria. The selection of the relevant data set can be dynamically configured via semantha® and selected accordingly during the analysis.

Featured WhitePaper: Text Review for Insurers

Raising quality, reducing effort. Text review for insurers has never been easier.

In this paper, we want to show you just how next-gen A.I. makes detailed text reviews a thing of the past. semantha® from thingsTHINKING can make your job as an insurer easier.

Download the WhitePaper

Key Customer Challenges

  • Repetitive and time-consuming document processes in various industries and departments
  • Document automation is impossible because the wording of the texts differs.
  • Transformation Projects to achieve their strategic goals in text-driven processes.
  • semantic capabilities to boost their product.

Solution Features

  • Interface (REST API): All semantic services of semantha® are accessible via a JSON-based REST API and can thus be integrated into any other services.
  • Extraction and Processing: Results can be displayed and analysed directly in the application. Alternatively, they can be exported as commented PDF files or Excel tables.
  • Document Annotator (Document Types): The Document Annotator can be used to visually combine documents of the same type, such as package inserts, quotation letters, etc. into one document type.

Solution Benefits

  • Fast: Ready2Use and can achieve results from day 1
  • Easy: No code and useable by anyone
  • Flexible: Composable and Multi-modal with no limits on industries and languages
  • More efficiency: Find the crucial places in documents for your company with just a few clicks.
  • AI-Ready2Use: semantha® can be used directly and does not need to be fed with innumerable training data in advance, because it has extensive language knowledge.
  • Risk minimisation: With semantha® assistance you can increase your attention to detail and minimise potential risks.
  • Scalability: The solution keeps quality consistent irrespective of reading 100 or 10,000 pages a day.
  • Time saving: With semantha®, customers can save an average of 40% time.


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