IoT-based Visitor Data Collection Platform



IoT-based Visitor Data Collection Platform

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How Does Wonderstore Work?

The core technology within Wonderstore is based on the most advanced Computer Vision algorithms, machine learning and deep neural networks combined with the newest IoT visual sensors to provide you with in-store analytics.

The innovative analytics provider for retail provides key analytics for customers and visitors such as stay time, demographics (age, sex, ethnicity), conversion rate, analysis and detection of emotions. This technology allows customers to understand the behaviours and reactions of consumers, maximising showcase and in-store layout as well as ROI and increasing sales.

What to Consider

It is important to pay attention to your shop journey and WonderStore can help with this in four simple steps. The four steps in the funnel are Windows, Entrances, Areas and Cashiers. Starting with windows, you need to understand the effectiveness of them to attract the right target for your stores. After they enter, you will need to understand what they are looking at within your stores and how long they dwell in these areas. This will allow you to see the most visited areas and where improvements within the store need to be made. The final step in the funnel is at the cash desk where you can understand exactly what the visitors are buying. By analysing this collected data, you can measure and improve the performance of your store and of your business.

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Key Customer Challenges

  • Understand and improve the behaviours and reactions of consumers
  • Maximising showcased merchandise and in-store layouts
  • Improving ROI and increasing sales

Solution Features

  • Wonderstore is a certified Intel IoT Market Ready Solution
  • Industry-grade Computer Vision acceleration hardware
  • OpenVINO platform for AI/CV acceleration
  • Industry-grade Machine Vision Cameras
  • Integrations available for digital displays, interactive displays and cameras
  • End-to-end HW/SW Subscription
  • International on-site support available

Solution Benefits

  • Detailed in store analytics for faster and clearer business insights
  • Conversion analytics
  • Personalised visitor experience based on audience in store
  • Ability to analyse the buying journey of the audience
  • Tracking visitor journey from the shop-window and then in store
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Ideal for Luxury, Apparel, Beauty, Automotive, Duty Frees-Airports and other commercial spaces

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