Cisco Meraki MV Cameras Smart Applications

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How does it work?

The EVERYANGLE solution uses computer vision to provide actionable insight through the development of custom applications to make sense of the data you are collecting.

Customised dashboards allow you to see key data such as footfall or more advanced data like conversion rates or bounce rates across multiple locations as well as the ability to set benchmarking.

Available Applications

Applications that are already available include: next generation footfall with data including gender, age, visitor happiness rating, and more; PPE Detection to recognise people who follow safety measures in a given environment; Warehouse Intelligence; Customer Waiting to identify customers who have not been attended to for a specific time period and sending alerts to staff; Suspicious Person Detection; Social Safety for Safe Occupancy levels reporting.

Featured Video: Physical Density Controls Application Explainer

Watch this video to see David Owens, CEO of EVERYANGLE, explain how they are helping businesses deal with the challenges of Covid-19 using Physical Density Controls.

Key Customer Challenges

  • To monitor social safety for customers as well as staff in various environments
  • Need to reduce operation costs, enhancing productivity and improve occupant’s well-being in the workplace
  • Retailers looking for smarter insight to understand how to increase in store sales through improved footfall and conversion rates

Solution Features

  • Alerts based on certain events or patterns
  • The Everyangle Virtual Assistant (EVA) retrieves information on what she has seen and heard
  • Consultative approach to assist with camera specification, placement, angle, and more to help you achieve the desired outcomes
  • Global availability and deployment in 10 minutes

Solution Benefits

  • Modular Design – All computer vision applications are created modular by design. EVERYANGLE Apps will be deployed on a subset of your camera estate
  • Scalable Solution – automated provisioning and deployment of Apps with a click to deploy
  • Using Cisco MV Cameras allows the technology to deliver 95% accuracy across every customer visit in-store in Retail
  • Ability to combine the technology with other technology such as digital signage

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