Why Trust Matters in Retail: Unpacking the Benefits of meldCX’s TRUSTe Certification

Kewal (Gibble) Gupta at Channel Partnerships

By Kewal Gupta

4th August 2023

In the age of digital transformation, data privacy and security have become paramount. This is now a key criteria when deciding the technology stack you need to drive your business forward. This is especially true for retail businesses that handle volumes of sensitive customer data 24/7. meldCX, an AI and intelligent edge technology solutions company with a focus on customer experience and streamlining operations, has strengthened its commitment to data privacy and security by attaining the TRUSTe’s Enterprise Privacy & Data Governance Practices Certification.

This certification, awarded by TrustArc, is based on globally recognised laws and regulatory standards, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO 27001, U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), OECD Privacy Guidelines, and APEC Privacy Framework.

For meldCX partners and customers, this means meldCX ensures that their data-driven solutions offer the highest recognised standards of information security, protection, and confidentiality for users.

meldCX’s vision AI solution Viana™ does not see, view, or annotate any personal identifiable and sensitive live data. The reference models used to build the AI models are synthetic (not based on actual/identifiable persons) similar to a virtual 3D environment, removing bias. A further step is taken in the actual processing of data, where faces are blurred, which means even support staff cannot see faces.

Essentially, the AI model does not do any forms of facial recognition — data points are all non-identifiable and anonymised. The AI model is more interested in what a person does than who they are.

But why is this even more important for retail businesses? In an industry where customer data is key to personalised experiences and strategic decision-making, having a partner like meldCX that is committed to data privacy and security could set you apart. It not only ensures compliance with global data privacy standards but also builds trust with customers who are increasingly concerned about their data privacy.

So why consider meldCX for your retail digital transformation? meldCX’s vision AI solution empowers retail businesses to craft premier customer experiences and optimise staff efficiency.

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