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How to create better customer experiences, streamline omnichannel operations, and manage visitor data with an intelligent SaaS based app platform

Kewal (Gibble) Gupta at Channel Partnerships

By Kewal Gupta
18th February 2022

Customers have become used to accessing a vast amount of product information at their fingertips simply by browsing online and on their smartphones. They are adept at accessing and comparing product features, reviews, and availability in their quest to make better purchasing decisions.

However, the personal touch has become lacking in physical purchasing environments such as retail stores and outlets. There is often no one to guide the consumer in making better purchasing decisions based on experience, understanding and awareness.

Physical spaces vs digital solutions

Although consumers increasingly use digital channels to browse products and services, they remain committed to physical shopping across all generations. They value the ability to see, touch and understand products before making a purchase decision – and they appreciate the advice of an assistant armed with in-depth product knowledge. Personalised interactions are precious for higher-value purchases – or where there is a greater emphasis on purchasing the right product.

Additionally, digital channels are becoming more integrated into consumer purchasing habits, and consumers are increasingly expecting more from their physical shopping experiences. The demand for better advice, alternative solutions, and more personalised services are rapidly growing. Therefore, retail and service orientated businesses need more innovative tools to help them help their customers. The key is to give consumers access to data in their hands at the right time and place, giving them a more personalised store experience that exceeds their expectations.

Applying digital to physical

The application of mobile apps and physical retail guiding technologies can help consumers navigate their options and decide which solution suits their needs. Technologies such as Ombori Grid are already helping service providers and retail stores easily leverage omnichannel retail, visitor management and customer experience data to personalise product recommendations and in-store services.

The Ombori Grid solution delivers streamlined deployment and management of integrated apps and experience management tools via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online repository providing access to a wide range of applications and services for use on the popular Azure Cloud platform.

The Azure marketplace delivers instant access to Ombori’s powerful ready-to-use range of no-code apps such as Appointment Booking, Queue Management, Occupancy Control, and the Digital Signage Playlist. These can be deployed quickly and easily without the need for costly and time-consuming custom development.

The powerful Ombori Grid range of solutions gives retailers and service providers the ability to deploy quickly, test and manage a range of in-store experience technologies that will empower customers and staff alike.

Users can interact with Ombori’s Grid apps via Web, mobile, voice, touchscreen, or gesture, among other options. All the apps can include an interactive digital kiosk solution, enabling consumers to easily access product information such as in-store location (wayfinding) and requesting a product solutions expert for a demo. Additionally, the apps easily connect to many IoT devices, such as cameras, sensors, smart speakers, mobile phones and even customer smartwatches.

Ombori Grid apps can also share data with retailers and existing data sources such as websites, inventory management, or customer databases – making the apps a gold mine for behavioural data capture and analysis. Combining apps and devices in innovative ways allows business owners to create unique experiences and identify bottlenecks in customer journeys.

A high-quality experience outcome

The benefits of experience apps and physical technologies are clear for those committed to high-quality customer engagement. Ombori Grid offers a speedy, flexible, and affordable way for business owners to gain the advantages of these technologies. It rapidly delivers increased customer engagement, loyalty, footfall, revenue, and productivity. Ombori Grid also includes developer tools to allow you to create your Grid apps.

Ombori Grid is a Microsoft Preferred solution currently deployed worldwide, offering reliability at any scale. It can handle tens of thousands of devices across thousands of locations and supports multiple languages.

To take advantage of Ombori’s Grid solutions, contact us and we can help you set up a free account and select the apps you need via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. In addition, we will add a free consumption voucher worth 100 Euros* to your account.

You can add or remove apps on-demand, only being billed for what you use. You can configure and customise your apps from the Grid console to meet your specific needs and branding – and you can also deploy your apps directly to wherever they’re needed, across multiple locations. If the hardware is already in place, you can be up and running within minutes.

Request a demonstration

Working in partnership with Tech Data we are helping organisations take advantage of the technology.

Channel Partnerships can set up a meaningful and tailored demonstration that will show the Ombori solution working for a real-world evaluation.

Contact Channel Partnerships directly by calling: 01923 618099

Or email: info@channel-tools.biz


*subject to a qualifying conversation.

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