Virtualisation for graphics-intensive workflows

Kewal (Gibble) Gupta at Channel Partnerships

By Kewal Gupta
26th May 2022

How IMSCAD is helping to integrate true Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions for architectural and design firms across the globe.

IMSCAD is one of the world’s leading specialists in graphics virtualisation. The company has a close working relationship with its customers and suppliers, including partnerships with Autodesk and SolidWorks. Additionally, it acts as the CAD consultant to many leading Citrix and VMware virtualisation specialists.

IMSCAD has the remote capabilities to roll out projects across the globe, thanks to its locations in London, New York, and Zurich. They deliver virtualised applications and desktops to architecture, design, and manufacturing firms. “We’ve done much work with smaller practices with systems that range from just one server and ten users,” says IMSCAD CEO Adam Jull, “but the biggest is currently for 3,500 users, rolled out across 80 offices.”

With over 500 successful projects completed, IMSCAD can draw upon unrivalled experience in deploying CAD applications in virtualised environments.

One notable project has been for Parkhill, a multidiscipline architecture and engineering firm in the USA with more than 300 creative, technical, and support personnel. Parkhill provides collaborative and innovative services to the public sector alongside private healthcare providers, faith-based organisations, and commercial clients.

With a remote architectural workforce in multiple locations, Parkhill decided to investigate virtualisation as a potential solution to complement their growing workflow demands. Parkhill reached out for support from IMSCAD because of their specialist knowledge in virtual graphical software deployments.

Following IMSCAD’s consultancy advice, Parkhill invested in sixteen physical servers running Nvidia RTX8000 GPUs, supported by a 3Par storage array. IMSCAD configured and optimised the host servers and migrated the environment to a fully virtualised production infrastructure. This approach culminated in a new, robust, fully functional VDI graphics environment optimised for Parkhill’s high-intensity CAD workflows. Parkhill has now moved confidently into deployment for over 300 users.

Parkhill can now efficiently share its complex and graphically intensive data from any office location. The VDI system is accessible to all Parkhill team members, providing seamless communication between internal and customer teams.

Are you thinking of moving your CAD workflow to a virtualised infrastructure?

Try the IMSCAD NVIDIA vGPU Guided Demo and see how their VDI solutions can deliver impressive performance. The demo includes a consultation and a review with an IMSCAD specialist, so you can fully evaluate the IMSCAD VDI solution and how it can help improve your graphics-intensive workflows.

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