The Benefits of Telehealth Solutions

Protect medical personnel and patients by providing remote medical care with Telehealth Solutions.

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By Bryony Sandy
18th November 2020

The global pandemic is causing many sectors including business, education and healthcare to change and adapt to a new way of living. The increasing need to stay inside and prevent spread of infection can prove difficult for those in need of medical care and with hospitals coming under great strain with little bed space and risk of infection, there needs to be another solution for receiving this medical care. This need has led to a rapid adoption of Telehealth solutions globally (Source: The Lancet Global Health).

What is Telehealth?

“Telehealth is the provision and management of healthcare in which individuals manage aspects of their care with remote support from healthcare professionals”. (Source: The Lancet Global Health). Providing a Telehealth solution to those in need, whether the individual is based at home or in a care facility, allows the individual to be monitored remotely for as long as necessary.

The Benefits

In times like this one of the main benefits of using a Telehealth solution is to protect medical personnel and patients by reducing transmission of infectious diseases. Telehealth solutions also help to conserve supplies and bed space in hospitals by allowing low-risk patients to be monitored at home, helping medical systems from becoming overwhelmed. As well as this Telehealth offers time-efficient solutions and helps to formulate efficient and reliable healthcare plans.

Some other benefits include:

  • An increase in healthcare access in Senior Living Communities by reducing hospitalisation rates for high-risk adults
  • Minimising the load on healthcare systems and workers by providing relevant equipment to the patient for them to monitor themselves remotely
  • Supporting specialties such as Cardiology and Psychiatry
  • Making healthcare accessible for everyone including those who live in rural or isolated communities, and;
  • Make services more readily available or convenient for people with limited mobility, time or transportation options.

The WiCis Health 3.0 Platform

A Telehealth Solution that we are able to provide through our partnership with Tech Data EMEA is the WiCis Health 3.0 Platform. This platform is the first HIPAA compliant Telehealth and Telemedicine Monitoring solution delivering the intelligence of the medical experience directly to a patient that can be located anywhere and in real-time by using cloud-based workflows, video-conferencing, and live vital signs.

Some benefits of the WiCis Health Telehealth Solution include:

  • Compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), including security provisions like data encryption to ensure the privacy of patient data and other sensitive information
  • Pinpointing and being able to bridge the gaps between patient and caregiver
  • Optimising workflows and improves speed, collaboration, patient engagement, and satisfaction

If you are interested in finding out more about Telehealth Solution benefits or the WiCis Telehealth and Telemedicine Monitoring Solution itself please contact us at

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