Shape Robotics teams up with Channel Tools: Shaping the future of Smart Learning Environments

Kewal (Gibble) Gupta at Channel Partnerships

By Kewal Gupta

26th April 2024

In an educational landscape where EdTech in Europe is projected to grow substantially, with the market anticipated to reach $61 billion by 2027, Shape Robotics has strategically partnered with Channel Tools to transform classroom experiences across Europe. This collaboration aims to scale the impact of innovative STEAM learning through the advanced deployment of Shape Robotics’ Thinken-Mobile STEAM LAB and Fable Robots, making state-of-the-art educational technology more accessible and fostering critical competencies for future careers.

“With our dedication to innovation in education, we are poised to empower educators and students through this partnership, enriching the learning journey and future-proofing education,” said Mark Abraham, CEO of Shape Robotics.

The partnership positions Shape Robotics’ Mobile STEAM Lab Thinken and Fable Robots, renowned for their portability, inclusivity, and user-friendly design, into Channel Tools’ varied offerings through TD Synnex, enhancing the scope and effectiveness of smart classroom technologies.

“We are thrilled to partner with Shape Robotics, a leader in the field of robotics and education,” said Kewal Gupta, CEO at Channel Tools. “Their commitment to innovation and excellence perfectly aligns with Channel Tools’ mission to provide our partners and clients with the most advanced solutions available. This partnership signifies a shared commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction.”

“By combining forces, we strive to democratize educational innovation, making next-generation solutions Thinken and Fable not only available but integral to the evolving European educational ecosystem,” adds CEO Mark Abraham.

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About Shape Robotics

Shape Robotics is an innovative Danish EdTech company that specializes in creating robotics and technology for educational purposes, primarily in the STEAM fields. With products like the Fable robot, Shape Robotics offers intuitive and versatile robotic platforms that are easy to assemble and program, aimed at enhancing the way students of all ages engage with core STEAM concepts. Their tools are designed to foster an environment of creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, preparing students for the digital and automated future. The company has established a global presence, with thousands of Smart Classrooms utilizing their technology to bring interactive, hands-on learning to life and prepare today’s generations for future jobs.

About Channel Tools

Channel Tools is a UK-based company that specialises in sales and marketing services, technology, and mobile engagement platforms. They are known for their innovative channel sales and marketing strategies, utilising the latest technologies to create and implement solutions that provide a good return on investment. Their distribution via TD Synnex extends throughout Europe and the UK, bringing next-generation tech to the market. For more information about their services and recent strategic agreements, you can visit their official website.

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