Channel Tools Announces Strategic Partnership with WaitTime

Kewal (Gibble) Gupta at Channel Partnerships

By Kewal Gupta

5th October 2023

Channel Tools, a leading company driving new technology distribution and integration solutions, and WaitTime, the industry leader in crowd intelligence, today announced a strategic partnership to offer WaitTime’s crowd behaviour intelligence. The partnership will provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing wait times and crowd intelligence whilst improving customer satisfaction.

Channel Tools will add WaitTime to its portfolio of solutions, available through TD Synnex. This will enable businesses to improve their ROI or operational efficiencies with crowd behaviour intelligence. In addition, the partnership will allow Channel Tools to develop a sales channel for driving WaitTime in the EMEA region.

Kewal Gupta, CEO at Channel Tools said: “We are excited to partner with WaitTime to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution for managing wait times and improving customer satisfaction, whilst improving profitability. WaitTime’s solution is highly regarded by businesses of all sizes because of its scalable nature, and we are confident that this partnership will allow us to provide our customers with the best possible solution for crowd intelligence and improving customer experience with the ability to make smarter, informed decisions.”

Zachary Klima, Founder & CEO of WaitTime said: “In the realm of innovation, partnerships forge the path to transformative progress. Teaming up with Channel Tools, a pioneer in technology distribution, and integration solutions, marks a watershed moment. By integrating WaitTime into their portfolio, powered by TD Synnex, we unlock the potential for businesses to elevate their ROI and operational efficiencies through the lens of crowd behavior intelligence. This collaboration not only enhances WaitTime’s reach but also empowers Channel Tools to spearhead a sales channel, driving the future of intelligent solutions in the vibrant landscape of EMEA.”

If you are interested in finding out more about our agreement with WaitTime, please contact us.

About Channel Tools

Channel Tools is a leading company driving new technology distribution and integration solutions. The company works with high potential, emerging, and innovative technology vendors to support their growth and adoption with channel. In addition, Channel Tools provides comprehensive marketing services. For further information, visit

About WaitTime

WaitTime’s patented crowd insight artificial intelligence technology provides real-time information on crowd traffic to major entertainment, sports, convention center and exhibition hall venues across the world. WaitTime is currently working with some of the most well-known venues and major sports teams in the world to help them master crowd science, specifically as it relates to their venue and operations. We have a solid team that is comprised of globally connected top Senior Executives, Public Figures, and significant company partnerships, while our home base remains in Detroit. For further information, visit

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