Parsifal AI Platform



Parsifal AI Platform

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What is the Parsifal?

PARSIFAL is an IoT Platform that makes unsophisticated hardware smart and derives instant decisions based on artificial intelligence following a three-phase approach.

INPUT – Collecting all available information:

The eyes and ears of Parsifal are in video and audio devices, the IoT, sensors, systems and databases. The more data sources available, the more senses Parsifal gains. All hardware comes from G2K’s network of renowned partners and is connected to Parsifal via APIs.

COGNITION – Over 2 million lines of code:

The heart and soul of Parsifal is its brain using myriads of algorithms that are orchestrated by its Artificial Intelligence. This allows Parsifal to homogenize all mined data and parse it as if it were text. Pattern recognition and interpretation happens in real time, providing instant knowledge on any given situation.

OUTPUT – Prevention, Prediction & Insights:

The knowledge produced by Parsifal materialises in different ways, depending on its goals and settings. In a security context Parsifal can provide instantaneous alerts as soon as a danger situation looms. In a customer experience context this knowledge can reveal insights into customer flow and behaviour.

What can it be used for?

PARSIFAL is used in various sectors and segments. The knowledge produced by Parsifal appears in different ways depending on its goals and settings. For example, when used in a security sector it can provide immediate alerts when a critical event looms. In retail, this knowledge can reveal insights into customer flow and behaviour, or even transport operators can have combined integrated security platform with active situation handling together with traveller insights on the count, capacity and movement of travellers and their travel experiences.

Other use cases include Transportation, Events, Corporate & Industry, Hospitality and Smart City.

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Featured Solution: G2K’s Parsifal Retail Platform

Get to know customers and visitors better and understand their behaviour with G2K’s Parsifal Retail Platform Solution.

Download the datasheet for more information.

Download Datasheet

Key Customer Challenges

  • Providing safety and physical security of people in the chosen environment
  • Monitoring the health of anyone entering venues and premises in different locations
  • Stakeholders looking for smarter insights through customer/visitor/traveller analysis

Solution Features

  • Fully integrated AI platform using camera systems and sensors
  • Fever Detection
  • Security Management
  • Advanced Access Control
  • Customer/Visitor/Traveller Analysis

Solution Benefits

  • Parsifal can be used in small venues or in major transportation hubs and smart cities
  • Pattern recognition and interpretation happens in real time, providing instant knowledge on any given situation
  • The artificial intelligence that G2K deploys follows well-founded guidelines and ethical principles


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