IoMT and IoT Cybersecurity Platform



IoMT and IoT Cybersecurity Platform

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What is the IoT Cybersecurity Platform?

Cynerio’s one-stop-shop Healthcare IoT cybersecurity platform caters to hospitals’ every IT need with a suite of solutions that automates cross-organisational risk reduction and operational fitness. Healthcare organisations can leverage clinically contextualised, real-time insights to identify and manage risk, optimise device functionality, and achieve the quick and lasting wins needed to ensure patient safety and smooth operations.

Proactive and Pre-emptive Cybersecurity

The Cynerio platform promotes proactive and pre-emptive cybersecurity with automated risk reduction, threat mitigation, attack prevention tools, and step-by-step remediation programs built on a Zero Trust framework infused with clinical context to get hospitals secure, fast.

The platform covers every connected asset, whether it’s medical/IoMT, Enterprise IoT, or an OT system and every threat vector, equipping hospitals with the tools, insight and control they need.

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Mitigating the Ransomware Threat with Cynerio

Hospitals need a proactive and preventative automated Zero Trust cybersecurity solution that stops ransomware before it penetrates and spreads through the network. Cynerio’s automated solutions cover every threat vector and mitigate every vulnerability on every Healthcare IoT device from medical/IoMT to Enterprise IoT and OT.

Learn how you can mitigate the Ransomware threat with Cynerio’s Automated Zero Trust Cybersecurity Platform, here.

Key Customer Challenges

  • Healthcare IoT devices make hospital networks extremely vulnerable
  • Insecure devices increase the cyber-attack surface and pose a major risk to patient safety and the operational continuity of hospitals

Solution Features

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Allows organisational alignment
  • Cross-organisational and device-level risk assessment
  • Anomaly detection
  • Real-time alerts
  • Clinical insights
  • Real-time inventory and asset management
  • Zero Trust solution

Solution Benefits

  • Strong insight into medical device activity and correlations between device telemetry, clinical workflow, and external threat feeds
  • Easy to navigate UI
  • Risk Management and Reduction
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Real-time Inventory and Asset Management
  • Optimisation of resource allocation
  • LifeCycle Management
  • Ransomware Prevention


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